Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Blue bedchamber

This little interior is by my own hand. This blog was originally intended for showing my art, but even a place where i can write about my dreams, desires and, if you're lucky, my worries and anxieties.
Here. -in the blue bedchamber, here i would recieve my friends, i could really fancy myself lying stretched out on the heavenly, peach-coloured, quilted satin bedspread, dressed in a cherry-red velvet dressing gown and shriek and chortle with enjoyment; flipping through and reading books and magazines. On the beauiful, Louis XVI commode, placed, for instance, out of view between the two windows would be placed a huge samovar supplying me with endless cups of hot tea. It is a petty, banale dream, i know.- but can one blame me for wanting to just encase myself in a cosy little cocoon when the world is so cold and merciless? I'm too weak for this world right now. It's a hopeless situation, and most days i can see no way out, except for when i daydream away...for looking at this world and present, leaves no hope at all. I imagine myself in the library of an elegant, but not too grand little chateau, or an english countryhouse from the Stuart-period. Its walls would be covered with portraits of loved ones, family, friends and pets, beautiful paintings of landscapes, not that one would need the escape, for the house would be surrounded by vast gardens that grew everything one could need, vegetables, fruit and flowers, there would be a beautiful orangery, the whole world around it entirely unspoiled and full of life, but not overpopulated. All my loved ones, and their loved ones should each have such houses and gardens of their own...and so my thoughs flow...and keeps me from being useful.


A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

This post is beautiful in every way. I understand. I so rarely leave my home. People think it's very strange. I don't belong in the city I live in but my husband has a very successful restaurant here. I am always happy when heading for the airport. So - I surround myself with the things I love - my books and art - and live in a dreamworld. It would be nice to have someone in this town that I could relate to - but, of course I would have to leave the nest to find them!!

Ulla said...

I see Catherine has already expressed how I feel - and you - as well... Truly your vision is perfect... I adore your painting, and hope you will share more soon. There are many of us out here who dream like you dream and wish we were elsewhere. Thank you for giving us permission to escape with you...