Sunday, October 25, 2009

Just a little questionnaire...

Just found this fun questionnaire, on , and had to post it here. Simply answer all questions below with titles of books on your shelves...

Again, i'm sorry for not writing more often, but i just haven't had the time, or the motivation, lately.

Are you a man or a woman?


Describe yourself:

a la recherche du temps perdu

How are you?

the Bell Jar

Describe the place you live in:

À Rebours

Where would you like to travel?

the Gentleman in the parlour

Describe your best friend:

Madame Bovary / Emma

Wich is your favorite color?

the Arcanum

What's the weather like right now?

Bonjour tristesse

Wich is your favorite season?

How i live now

If your life was a tv-show, what would it be named?

a Room with a view

What's the relationship you're in, like?


What are you afraid of?

One hundred years of solitude

What advice would you give?

Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit

How would you like to die?

the Year of Magical thinking

Your motto:

a Room of one's own

I hope to be back again soon, not least to write about, and post pictures, from my recent trip to New York.