Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The "conservatory"

Today i'm cheerful. -my little "conservatory" appears to be successful! The lemon-tree is in full bloom and tiny little embryo-lemons are showing up, oh! And the blossoms smell ever so sweet, spreading their delightful fragrance in the whole room. Then there's the little fig plant that has grown considerably though i thought i had killed it last winter. -it now carries no less than four little figs that are soon ready to be plucked. My "conservatory", you see, consists of a tiled table on wheels, placed up against my only window. It also has a fiew geraniums and a little olive-tree i bought last spring at the nightmare-palace R.O.O.M, oh, how i loathe R.O.O.M! -i mean really, i'm not ironic. However, the little olivetree bears numerous little bundles of little olives-to-be. I'm so pleased with my little conservatory, i almost feel like a respectable person.
Yesterday i was delighted to discover that one at Chaikhana can buy Mariage Frères teas by the gram so that one doesn't have to buy a new tin each time one runs out. -the tins are gorgeously pretty by the way, but costs twice as much as a paperbag of 100 grams. At last i could refill my tin of Ruschka wich had been standing tragically empty for months now. Oh, How can something be so exceedingly delicious? I cried and i laughed, and i was so happy!


Lisa said...

Jag haar alla som lyckas med växter. Mina bara dör.

Lisa said...

Hatar skulle det var. Om du tvivlade. Mohahaha.

Justus said...

Det var tråkigt att höra, både att dina växter dör och att du är så fylld av hat. -Jag tvivlade inte en sekund, jag är en av de mest hatade personerna på hela söder. Mohahahahaa