Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wishing you a happy new year!

Dear followers and readers. In the forthcoming year I hereby resolve to do my best to amuse you more regularly!

Happy 2009!


A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

Dear Tutta -
Happy New Year to you! I love your statement to amuse!!! We both have swords in our posts today. I really like the new portraits on your sidebar. Reminds me of Zurburan. Is that the fabric you had mentioned that you wanted to do something with? Wonderful. It is very much like the green opera coat my 'horse' was wearing, which has the same sort of hood attached. I hope you have some fun plans for NYEve. I will probably stay home...our restaurant will be crazy busy. Too much for me. Best wishes for the New Year and keep posting your drawings!
All the best,

Ninon said...

My first comment: Happy New Year!

Lauren said...

That is a great resolution, in fact I think I will borrow it!
Happy New Year!

jacker said...
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