Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year's eve with dad.

New Year's eve was nothing special, i decided to spend it with my dad in my childhood-home, just a fiew blocks away from my apartment. We had a gorgeous lobster and some Dopff brut, then ox filet with garlic and parsly and a decent shiraz, then i planned to make an apple tart but opted for some fresh, cut pineapple with chocolates and coffee - and then some more Dopff at the stroke of midnight while we saw the new year in on television with Jan Malmsjö and Anne-Sofie von Otter. I was invited to a party, but way out in the suburbs and i'm glad i didn't go - can't cope with crowds, especially not now.

I do hope we get a decent winter this year, it snowed generously in the end of November but then just thawed away and then it rained and it rained, but now for a couple of weeks it's been cold, and the rooftops covered with sparkling layers of frost - no snow so far but i really, desperately hope for more of that or i shall get terribly depressed! Oh, enough about that! -i should get some sleep...

Goodnight and Happy New Year!views from my balcony the other day.

The remains of our little feast. A pretty little still-life in the sink - don't you think?


Ninon said...

Sounds like a comfortable New Year's eve!
I love your header by the way. What's the painting?

A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

Your NYEve sounded wonderful to me. And your view!! All the best to you for the New Year. (If I didn't tell you that yet. I'm getting confused. Have probably told everyone about a million times. I start to get a bit loopy after awhile on this computer.)I wish you lots and lots of snow. Post pics of it on your rooftops when it finally arrives, will you?

Tutta Rolf said...

Dear Catherine.
Happy new year to you too! I shall do my best, now that i have such sweet readers...
Ah, you're referring to Vatel, the other day when i was going through the drawers of my secretaire i found that exact article wich you linked to printed out!
It is that very makes me so happy everytime i see might make for a nice little dress. I just loved that horse-costume of yours!

best, "Tutta"

maicher said...
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