Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Last night i had strange dream. I had found a wonderful house towering up in a park of dense, leafy groves and tall grass, surrounded by flowerbeds and ancient oaks. I got inside the house and looked around. A succession of beautiful rooms; small, yet spacious and bathing in daylight. Suddenly it started to shrink, so that i first had to walk bent, then on all fours and then crawl...and then i woke up, wich was a pity as it was a thoroughly wonderful house and quite a wonderful dream. It was a heavenly early summer's day and i was picking flowers with my friend on a meadow nearby, we were happy that one could do that. Then i remember standing at the end of a long gallery on the topfloor of the house, i walked forward, looking out through the windows, over the tree tops, then i hit my head on one of the beams in the ceiling, and first i had to walk bent, then on all fours and finally i had to crawl, then i remember wriggling my way down a narrow, shrinking staircase where i finally got stuck. Strangely i don't remember any feelings of anxiety. -i wonder what a dream interpreter would say about this.

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