Monday, March 31, 2008

Snogging and wading

Tonight, or rather this morning i dreamt i was snogging an imam (me!), but his beard was a fake one for he wasn't wearing it when the actual snogging occurred - before i even knew he was an imam. -i found out later when i met him outside of the picturesque, winding, swedish little country-cottage where the snogging took place. I always dream of nice houses and cottages, and then it always takes an unpleasant turn, this time (apart from snogging an imam...wich is usually a man far from what i desire) i found myself wading in a putrid little lake, or swamp. It had dead trees around it lowering their pale branches over the surface. The branches were hung with fish skeletons and along the sides of the lake lay dead fish and more skeletons, and over the entire site lay the most unbearable stench, and i felt sharp, slippery rocks under my bare feet, and the water was thick and greasy.