Monday, May 10, 2010

Someone has heard my prayers at last!

I have long been pining for more period-instrument recordings of the music of André-Ernest-Modeste Grétry (1741-1813) -there have been shockingly few over the years, in fact hardly any at all. -absurd, considering what a huge star he was in his own lifetime, for example; his "La Caravane du Caire" from 1783 was given more than five hundred performances! Now his 1780, "Andromaque" -his only tragédie lyrique, based on Jean Racine's play, has been recorded by Hervé Niquet et Le Concert Spirituel on the spanish label Glossa.
...And i'm thrilled!!!
...And there's more!!!
-Later, i've heard, a recording for cd, of Grétry's 1773 ballet héroïque "Céphale et Procris" will be made by Les Agrémens, lead by Guy van Waas, for Ricercar. Last fall it was performed in concert at the Opéra Royal, Versailles. See it here.

"Céphale et Procris" by Fragonard
Grétry, by Vigée-Lebrun.

Now i'm only praying for the weather to change! -though the winter was unusually rigorous this year, even for us in the north. It really was the very winter i had been longing for for years and not since the 1920s, i believe, have we had as much snow... and then of course i started pining for spring, wich looked like it was coming along nicely, until a couple of days ago when it suddenly felt like we had stepped back several weeks. -and with an impenetrable thicket of clouds above! -and temperatures never rising above 50 F. Just unacceptable! And the iris and the honeysuckle on my balcony seemed to be thriving and i had even taken out my poor lemon tree for the season! But at least it's a great excuse to just stay in, drink tea... and listen to some Grétry, i guess.

And i'm sorry i've posted so infrequently lately -really since i started this blog, but i just haven't had the peace of mind for that, or anything really... and i have scarcely drawn for months, except for some pointless doodlings every now and then. But I do hope to be back soon, and i'm glad you're all still with me.
Au bientôt!

The park at Drottningholm, a lovely day exactly two years ago. Now it's more like november.


A Thousand Clapping Hands said...

So happpy for you that your prayers were wise, anyway. I wish all the men I passed on the street looked like your would be so much more fun. Wonderful portrait. Don't you love the right (his left) eye?
Well, I hate to tell you that it is so hot here. I just finished planting flowers in pots on the terrace. All white, and I think they look monotonous, so I'll need to do something about that.

Good to see a post from you. I think of you and always feel that you'll turn up when you're ready...and then there you are.

Wishing you warmer days,

HMCraig said...

Looking forward to your doodlings! And additional musical inspirations!