Saturday, October 04, 2008

Amusing myself

Accent - Stockholm accent.
Booze - I'm not big on drink, but boringly, i like good wines with good food and maybe even the company of good friends. Oh, and champagne!
Chore I hate - anything practical.
Dogs/Cats - Dogs, though i wouldn't mind a cat if i had a house and a garden.
Essential electronics - I-pod; Laptop computer; digital camera; CD player; DVD player
Favourite perfume - Many...Fracas, Bandit, Shalimar, Mitsouko, La chasse aux papillons, No. 19, Endymion, Blenheim bouquet...
Gold/silver - neither keeps me awake at night but maybe gold actually.
Hometown - Stockholm.
Insomnia - Rarely, although I stay up very late!
Job title - None.
Kids - No.
Living arrangements - Snug and cluttered.
Most admired trait - Courage
Number of sexual partners - Let's go with zero as i am terribly repulsive and can't be loved in any other way than the way one feels about an old grandma or a dog perhaps. Don't care for sex's no insurance against loneliness.
Overnight hospital stays - A long time ago.
Phobia - the usual and a thousand...that's why i can't do anything with my life.
Quote - "Music for a while shall all your cres beguile..." -John Dryden
Religion - Agnostic/atheist
Siblings - six, but they're all strangers to me.
Time I usually awake - 10 am but i'm aiming at 6 or 7.
Unusual talent - I couldn't say.
Vegetable I refuse to eat - slightly aversed to aubergine otherwise none.
Worst habit - Procrastination
X-rays - When i broke my rib at 7?
Yummy foods I make - Fish soup, mashed potatoes, crème brûlée, apple tart.
Zodiac sign - Gemini.


Gösta Lindborg said...

Så gulligt du bor!

Gösta Lindborg said...

Du är den vackraste kvinna jag sett.

Paris Atelier said...

Tutta, Creme Brulee is my absolute favorite, we can become fast friends indeed! YOu are just so wonderful and so talented! I do envy you! Much Love & my Best,